1. Registration last date - 30th April
  • Trekking to the two sources of the Ganga river - Gangotri and Satopanth glacier.
  • Rafting from Devprayag, the convergence of Alakhnanda and Bhagirath river to Rishikesh.
  • Visiting Tehri, the lost city under water.
    1. Dialogue exchange: Participants will have Dialogue exchange with common people, activists, academicians, policy makers, artists and many others working consciously on the Ganga River.
    2. Learning from each other: They will engage in meaningful interaction with schools and youth along the river basin. This will provide a platform for inter exchange of ideas.
    3. Exposure: They will be exposed to rural and urban culture.
    4. Sessions (on the self): They will run a campaign on ‘Deplastify Ganga’.
    1. The trip will be a total of 18 days